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MC Pavy Explores Middle Class Ignorance

Progressive, ambitious and vigorous are just some of the words used to describe MC and self-proclaimed prophet, Pavy (Progressive Ambitious Vigorous Youngin’). Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Pavy began writing and rhyming at 14 and has grown into what will be known as “The Prophet”.

His passion and love for music isn’t hard to grasp when listening to his songs. What started out as a hobby for this young man became the one thing that others define as his “calling”. Two years ago he linked up with local label Straight Up Hustlin’ Entertainment to release his first project Jackin’ For Beats Vol.1. that spawned over 6,000 internet downloads. His main goal is to make music for the kindred souls who are orient of realness.

His latest album, Middle Class Ignorance, features  appearances from Capital K, Vic Spencer, The Boy Illinois, D2G, JDP, Ashley Laschelle and Ca$hflow Ellis“This project was crafted over a period of two years,” explains Pavy. “I was 18 when I started and when I finished I was what I am now, 20. So the idea of Middle Class Ignorance has changed as my mind frame has also changed. I feel ignorance – or the sense of obliviousness – is very important in life, because if I logically looked at the odds I would never attempt to succeed in music. I feel like this is the beginning of life for me and hopefully you guys like the music enough to tag along for the ride.” 

For more information on Pavy, check out www.pavyworld.com  and to listen to Middle Class Ignorance, visit http://pavy.bandcamp.com/