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MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY introduces the Quincy Icon Collection Honoring Quincy Jones

JonesMAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY introduces the Quincy Icon Collection of custom-designed, hand-painted bags honoring Quincy Jones and his historic contributions to music, culture and improving the lives of others throughout the last six decades.

Quincy Jones says, “I believe that all who have accomplished great things, and all those who aspire to greatness, will agree with the fact that ‘the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.’  I am honored to join with a great brand such as MAYBACH to launch their inaugural “Icons Collection”, as it represents our shared values of working hard to realize one’s full potential and celebrating the intrinsic beauty of those accomplishments.”

The Quincy Icon Collection includes signature eyewear, business bag, travel bag and messenger bag made from naturally tanned leathers sourced from Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Each hand-stitched bag is meticulously made by one of six master craftsmen who embrace the materials’ unique characteristics to create an exclusive collector’s piece reflective of the bespoke values of MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY.

Quincy’s personal luggage set has been hand-painted by award-winning artist Nate Giorgio, inspired by Quincy’s iconic style and career, which include 79 Grammy Award nominations, 27 Grammy wins, and international travel that has spanned the globe.

Co-founder Ulrich Schmid-Maybach, says of the collaboration, “Quincy is the quintessential Maybach icon. He has lived a legacy of excellence in the spirit of my ancestors. And he always travels in style.”

The collection will be unveiled to Quincy Jones and friends, celebrities and Maybach car owners during a private event in Beverly Hills on November 22.

MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY is a German-based boutique luxury house specializing in individually hand crafted eyewear and leather accessories for the genuine connoisseur. Each piece pays homage to its heritage of outstanding design using only the most exquisite materials. For more information, visit http://www.maybach-luxury.com/