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Wrapped Up In Tangled

By Wendy Simmons

Let me start by saying that I am an adult…an adult who loves cartoons. And Disney’s 50th animated edition was no exception. The Repunzel revival, Tangled, is a tale of love, false love, selflessness and betrayal. Sounds like an adult movie, right?

Rapunzel is a childhood story about the immensely long haired princess that has been kept in a tower. After seeing this movie, I realized that I had not known much about the story other than “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”. The animated film, Tangled, opened my eyes to the E! True Hollywood Story of Rapunzel and it will enlighten most audiences as well.

As an infant, Rapunzel was kidnapped that by an evil woman that knew the truth of Rapunzel’s magical hair. The woman, Mother Gothel, locked Rapunzel away and raised her as her own and convinced her that the world was no place for a beautiful young woman. Rapunzel was brainwashed but was not completely steered away from the wonders of the world. And by her 18th birthday she was determined to celebrate it properly by finally seeing what she was missing on the outside. Her wonderment really sparked when she would see the magical lanterns floating ever year on her birthday. Little did she know that those lanterns were floating for her by her royal parents and entire kingdom to celebrate the birthday of the lost princess. Those lanterns willed Rapunzel to find a way to sneak out in order to finally get an answer to the mystery that delighted her every year.

Rapunzel loved and was loved by Mother Gothel because she had not known any better. But once the truth was revealed to her, she knew that the love she thought she shared with Mother Gothel was under false pretenses.

By chance, a young fellow, Flynn Rider, discovered Rapunzel in her tower and she proved that she could not only handle herself in the real world, but could defend herself as well. She and the handsome criminal made a pact that he would take her to the kingdom. The sparks between them began to fly almost immediately, but during their adventure the audience was allowed to witness their connection.

This well told animated film will capture your heart. It displays the fact that the truth will always come to light and to never stop until you reach your dreams.

It’s also full of well known Hollywood names. Mandy Moore provides the voice of Rapunzel and Zachary Levi (of tv’s Chuck) voices her love interest, Rider. Other famous voices also play a key role in this fantastic of display of fairy tales coming to life.

Tangled is a definite must see and now you have the chance. It will be available on DVD Tuesday, March 29th. You will not want to pass up this film…another one of Disney’s greats!

 I give it $$$

Lupe Fiasco Promotes Lasers

Hip Hop star and Chicago native Lupe Fiasco is currently out on the road promoting his latest CD “Lasers” which was March 8, 2011. While promoting, Fiasco made a stop at Chicago’s WGCI radio station Coca Cola Lounge.

Photo by Adam Bielawski