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Prezident Brown – Generation Next

Prezident Brown, Next Generation

Prezident Brown, Next Generation

Prezident Brown – Generation Next
Sony Germany / Prezident Brown Music – January 26,, 2010
by Mozelle Ellis

I love it, I love it, I love it! Personally I feel Prezident Brown has created a classic Raggae CD that will stand the test of time. It will be just as relevant 10 years + from now as it is today. I can honestly say I do love Raggae like I love Gospel Music. It stands on a sturdy foundation, not like sand to be washed away or dust to be blown away. It is planted in fertile grounds of truth, justice, compassion and spiritual words. Words that rejoicing, and has the power to carry you thru rough times and struggle. Raggae is life for the believer in The Most High. It is a celebration! There are many types of Reggae music, but I prefer Raggae that has message that can live in your heart, mind and soul. Which usually points my ears to listen to Nyabinghi, , Bobo Shanti, which is conscious music. Reggae that opens the mind to new forms of thought processing, a draws you into meditative state. Visualization of what is really going on around the block and across the world, plus so much more. My heart rejoices when I hear “Lord of Lords (feat. Beezy Coleman)”, being raised under southern Baptist, “Lord of Lord” makes me want to shout! The intros are Nyabinghi Chants which I appreciate being added to the CD. There is a beautiful essence in a few tracks where he has mixed classic Olde Soul Music with Reggae like “Be Thankful for What You Got (feat. Ryan)”. Prezident gave us 20 tracks and I feel they are a rich.

If you just love Raggae the way I do. “I’m telling you! You need to pick up Prezident Brown – Generation Next”. Those of us that have a large catalog, friends consider us connoisseurs, or you’re a root Rastafarian. I don’t even have to worry about you, because I know you have this CD right here in your Digital Player, CD Changer, whatever. You’re giving this particular CD much play on the regular.

Blessing to Prezident Brown and much praise to Jah of The Most High for putting the spirit of words and songs within him.

Standout Tracks

  • Lord of Lords (feat. Beezy Coleman)
  • Unleash the Lion (feat. Tomekk)
  • Sunshine
  • Never Worry
  • Generation Next
  • Be Thankful for What You Got (feat. Ryan)
  • Tell It Like It Is
  • Messenger R Us (feat. Patrice)

Interview with Donnell Rawlings (AKA Ashy Larry)

Writer, actor and comedian Donnell Rawlings made his mark on the comedy world as a cast member on the now defunct Chappelle’s Show.  Whether a background player or portraying his stand out character Ashy Larry, Rawlings became a viewer favorite and a rising star.

As an actor, Rawlings has been featured in TV shows (The Wire, Law & Order , Third Watch and The Corner) and films (Legacy, Car Babes and Fifty Pills.  Most recently Rawlings created the website Recently in Chicago for performances at Zanie’s Comedy Club, UnRated Magazine spoke with the funnyman.

How did you get your start in comedy: I would go to comedy clubs as a fan and would heckle the comedians. One day the owner challenged me and I performed and I’ve been doing it for 14 years.

So you were a trouble maker: Yes, I gave my mother trouble in the delivery room. I’m a notorious trouble maker

How did you get on the Chappelle Show: Dave’s Friend Neil Brennan (co-writer on the show) was a PA for In Living Color and he noticed my audition. I told him if you’re ever in a situation, throw me a bone and that’s how I got on the show

What was it like working with Dave and Charlie? Was it funny all the time or were you guys serious: (We were) serious in performing but it was constantly funny. I would go into work early and leave late.  Dave gave us freedom to do what we do-bring comedy to the table

Do you or have you spoken to Dave? Would you work with him in the future if the opportunity presented itself: Some of us still talk more than others, we see each other on the circuit

Who are your idols, mentors: Because I never thought I would be a comedian, my mentors were uncles, my mom and dad. Everything happened by chance. I’m a fan of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence

What do you think is the current state of comedy: It’s the only field that’s recession proof. People aren’t working but still find money to get a laugh. Comedy is not hurting right now

Anyone you want to work with in the future: Jewish people. None in particular. Because their checks clear. (I’ve worked enough) with Pookie and Ray Ray

Which do you like better: movies or television: I like the art of acting-Acting 75% of the time. I like playing different roles……playing someone else

What is your favorite movie: The Five Heartbeats

Best experience so far in your career: Everything has been a learning experience throughout my career there has always been growth

What do you do to relax and enjoy yourself: Read scriptures and listen to 50 Cent

Advice to young comedians, actors and writers coming up: Stay focus, stay funny or get out!

Future projects, what are you working on now: I’m working on a comedy porn (movie) -it’s the first of its kind. It’s about a comedian who doesn’t do well (not funny) and they find out he’s well endowed and he starts a porno career. Its call Black Cocktails. But seriously, I’m working on bootleg Chelsea Lately Show and doing my stand up.

Timbaland at the House of Blues

Music producers are usually the unseen, unheard hit makers; the magic hands behind the scenes and only up til now have some made themselves visible in videos and onstage during shows. But,  this has never been the case for Timothy Mosley aka Timbaland.

Since his debut in the music world,Timbaland has been a  visible force  as a singer, rapper and producer, so its no surprise he’s embarked on a tour to promote his latest cd, Timberland Presents Shock Value II.

The Shock Value II Tour, scheduled to begin at 11:00 p.m.,  kicked off at12:45 p.m. with the first opening act Down With Webster, a progressive hip hop, pop group and winner of the 2008 Rogers Mobile/Universal Music best unsigned artist in Canada contest.  The  energetic7 member group consisting of 3 singers/MC’s, 2 guitars, keyboardist and drummer performed 5 songs from their cd Time To Win Vol. 1.

The second act, Sebastian, Timbaland’s younger brother, performed 2 songs from his upcoming cd and later brought out rapper Petey Pablo to perform Pablo’s Timabland produced hit “Raise Up” (North Carolina).

At 2:00 a.m., after a long intermission featuring DJ Freestyle Steve, the super producer slowly walked onto the stage wearing gigantic headphones asking the crowd if they were ready to have fun.  After checking his keyboards, he continued to walk around the stage while proceeding into  “Timothy Where Have You Been” featuring Jet with video of singer Nic Cester (lead singer of Jet) and teen singer JoJo appearing  on a large screen placed on the right side of the stage.  The screen was used throughout the show either with video of singers or flashing lights.

During the show, Timabland performed an array of songs including current hit Say Something featuring rapper of the moment Drake as well as “The Way I Are” featuring Keri Hilson, Give It Up To Me”, “Everything You Want”, “Morning After Dark” and “Come Out To Play”.

Overall, he gave a good show, inviting the audience into his world, the studio and allowed them to experience not just his process of creating music, but his love for music and what makes him a master of beats.

Bilal at the Double Door

Neo Soul singer Bilal performed for a standing room only crowd at Chicago’s Double Door on March 27, 2010.

Chrisette Michele at the House of Blues

Music’s next generation of R&B was in the building March 10th as Chrisette Michele brought her Epiphany tour to Chicago’s House of Blues. Supporting Michele on the tour is opening act Laura Izibor who began her set with “What Would You Do”.

Gracious and energetic, the singer kept her set short and simple performing songs from her debut CD “Let the Truth Be Told” that included “If Tonight Was My Last”, “Don’t Stay, “I’ll Be Your Baby” and concluded with her hit” From My Heart To Yours”.

An old school soul with hip hop swagga possibly picked up from collaborations with Nas (Can’t Forget About You), Jay-Z (Lost Ones), Game (Let Us Live) and the Roots (Rising Up), Michele strutted onto the stage wearing a cropped black leather jacket over a white tank top amid the roaring crowd performing “Epiphany” followed by “What You Do” from her sophomore CD, her first to debut at number one on Billboard.

 No more “I’m sorry”…..”I love you”……I need proof…..Baby boy it’s all in what you do

Her performance included new songs (“Mr. Right”,  “All I Ever Think About”, “Porcelain Doll”, “Another One”) as well as songs from her debut CD “I Am” (“Golden, “Best of Me”). Michele amazed the standing room only crowd as she sang, sounding just like the CD, hitting low and high notes perfectly.

Laura Iziabor and Chrisette Michele are truly remarkable and talented performer weather it’s through the speakers of your car stereo or live in front of your eyes.

Usher: Raymond v. Raymond

Usher, Raymond Vs. Raymond

Usher, Raymond Vs. Raymond

Usher: Raymond v. Raymond
by Mozelle Ellis

We loved Confessions by Usher! This new CD Raymond vs Raymond is definitely a twist in the road. It definitely doesn’t come near its predecessor. We went from Confessions to “Single Man going through a Midlife Crisis”. This CD seems like some type of publicity stunt. It’s definitely worth a listen. It’s one of those CD that has to grow on you. “There Goes My Baby” is what I would expect from Usher and I love the single. If he had only stuck with that model and collaborations this would be a CD for all times. But instead he took a totally different direction like some many artists today. You will be pushing next track on a few. Usher can only hope this new release will not end up recycle bin. He is definitely taking some chances with this one. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) – is steadily moving up the chart.

I can see a few other singles like “Lil Freak” hitting the top 10 of the chart and sticking for a few weeks. The way so many artists are switching up it would be his luck the Album will hit BB top 10. I will say I was sad to hear him using audio-tune “Guilty”. With the voice he has why play with pitch to such an extreme level.

Standout Tracks

* There Goes My Baby
* Lil Freak
* Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)
* Okay